Haviland I-Helix Vacuum Hoses

Haviland Swimming Pool Vacuum Hoses

   At Sunplay we feature Haviland Swimming Pool Vacuum Hoses because of their proven reliability, performance and affordability. Choose Between the I-Helix, Premium Forged Loop, Premium Blow Molded and Standard Grade vacuum hoses. The Haviland I-Helix is the finest professional grade spiral wound pool vacuum hose in the industry and is available in 1 1/2" and 2" diameters and up to 100 foot in length. The Haviland I-Helix is perfect for commercial / public swimming pools and residential pool owners looking for the best. The Haviland Forged Loop pool vacuum hose is a base level vacuum hose and is a premium grade spiral-wound hose. The Forge Loop is a superior hose in comparison to most competitors entry level vacuum hoses. Unlike some hoses, Haviland_s hose will fully uncoil after being removed from the packaging. The Haviland Blow Molded Premium Vacuum Hose is perfect for residential pool owners looking for superior performance and affordability. For light duty swimming pool vacuum jobs you may also choose Havilands standard pool vacuum hose. All of Havilands swimming pool vacuum hoses are made from the best, most durable materials, ensuring that whatever your needs, we have the hose for you.