BioGuard Banish Algicide

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BioGuard Banish

Banish is a highly effective, patented, non-staining algicide that kills and controls algae in swimming pools. It is especially recommended for for killing and controlling green, blue-green (frequently called back or spot algae) and mustard algae growths.

Banish can be used a s a remedy for visible algae or to prevent algae from occurring.

Banish Features:
  • Kills and prevents green, mustard and black algae
  • Results in 24 hours
  • Non-foaming
  • Can be used in all pool types and finishes
  • Can swim in as little as 15 minutes after application
  • 32 Ounce Bottle


  • Copper (metallic) 3.3%
  • Other Ingredients 96.7%

Dosage Amounts:

  • Prevention - Add 8 ounces per 10,000 of water for the initial treatment. Thereafter, add 1.5 ounces per 10,000 gallons of water each week.
  • Treatment of Visible Algae - Add 16 ounces per 10,000 gallons of water.

BioGuard 23500BIO

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