Aqua Sphere Stationary Swimmer

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Aqua Sphere Stationary Swimmer

The swim cords are a great training aid and provide a great cardiovascular and aerobic workout. The continuous cord can wrap around any solid anchor point around the pool such as a ladder pole or diving block and attach the cords to your ankles. This will allow you to swim kick freely in a stationary position to work on your stroke technique and develop endurance. It work great for working on your freestyle, butterfly, backstroke and kick training. It turns any pool into an endless body of water.

Stationary Swimmer Features:
  • Swim Cord with Ankle Straps.
  • Soft ankle straps that won't restrict your kicking.
  • Practice your technique, head, body and hip positions.
  • Allows you to swim for long periods of times in small backyard and hotel pools.
  • Great coaching aid to observe the swimmers stroke while staying stationary.
  • Provides a great cardiovascular and aerobic workout anywhere.
  • Fabric covered cords.
  • Quick release buckle for increased safety.
Aqua Sphere 1003219

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