BioGuard Mineral Springs - Beginnings

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BioGuard Mineral Springs - Beginnings

Begin creating a mineral water bathing system in your pool with BioGuard Mineral Springs - Beginnings. This product softens water and protects your pool and pool equipment from scale while also protecting your chorine from being degraded by the sun. When applied water becomes soft, gentle, and soothing, creating a luxury experience in your pool.

BioGuard Mineral Springs - Beginnings - Features:
  • Creates a mineral water bathing system in pool
  • Softens water
  • Utilizes SunShield and SilkGuard technology
  • Protects pool, chlorine generator cell, and pool equipment from scale
  • Protects against chlorine degradation
  • Creates soft, gentle, and soothing water
  • Ensures a luxurious pool experience
  • Use as needed
  • 28 lb bag
BioGuard 23240BIO

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