BioGuard SoftSwim Filter Aid

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BioGuard SoftSwim Filter Aid

This is a filter aid and flocculant that is used with the BioGuard SoftSwim system and can be added directly to the filter through the skimmer to clear up slightly cloudy or hazy pools. Cloudy water can occur when a filter is not operating properly, is not cleaned regularly, or if the correct sanitizer residual is not maintained with BioGuard SoftSwim B.

Filter Aid is also a flocculant that settles heavy haze and debris to the bottom of the pool where it can then be removed.

  • Water clarifier and flocculant
  • Improves filter performance
  • Easy to use and can be added directly through the pool skimmer
  • Settles debris to the bottom of the pool where you can vacuum it up
  • Designed for use with pools sanitized using the Bioguard SoftSwim System
  • 1 Pound Bottle

BioGuard 22854BIO

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