Finis Alignment Kickboard

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Finis Alignment Kickboard

The Alignment Kickboard is designed to help you develop proper body alignmenment during swim training from your finger tips to your toes. The attached hand strap allows you to easily control the board without the need to grip it. Its unique smaller design helps to prevent wear and tear on your shoulders for a more comfortable training session.

The board is designed to sit just below the water line so you can lengthen your body without kicking at an incline. The versatility of the board allows you to do one arm and side kicking drills as well as normal kicking. To improve your head alignment, use with a swim snorkel to improve your technique.

Alignment Kickboard Features:
  • Helps you develop proper body alignment.
  • Sits just below the water line for ideal body alignment.
  • The hand strap allows you to control the board without the need to grip it.
  • Great training tool for standard kicking in all four competitive strokes, one arm drills and side kicking.
  • Lightweight and compact for travel.

Finis 1.05.042

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