Finis Rapid Monofin

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Finis Rapid Monofin

The Rapid monofin is a recreational single-blade fin that will help you learn and develop a proper undulation in the water and build a great core and leg workout. The blade is flexible in order to produce greater speeds. The adjustable foot straps are comfortable to wear and have a quick release system for added safety in the water.

Rapid Monofin Features:
  • Single, flexible blade fin
  • Helps you to develop a proper undulation in the water
  • Build leg and core strength (activates 60% of muscle mass, including the core and lower body
  • Makes swimming the dolphin kick fun and easy
  • Swim at faster speeds and greater depths
  • Stabilization channels cause the fin to flex in the optimal wave motion
  • Great for use in pools, ocean or lake
  • Floats on water
  • Adjustable heel strap with quick release system
Fits a variety of shoe sizes:
  • Men's 8 to 12
  • Women's 9 to 13

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