Hayward CAT 5000 Chemical Automation System CAT-5000-WIFI

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Hayward CAT 5000 Chemical Automation System

Between measuring pH and sanitizer levels or adding chlorine or other chemicals, keeping your commercial pools in proper chemical balance can be a full time job. The Hayward CAT 5000 is one of the first wireless, internet-based water quality controllers in the world to utilize both land and satellite communications for global coverage. With the low cost of communications, you're able to monitor and implement changes better than ever.

The CAT 5000 provides extraordinary simplicity and value for users. The CAT 5000 comes factory assembled so you just need to install it, log onto PoolComm to make a wireless account and start monitoring away. Your PoolComm account enables you to customize your settings, receive notifications by SMS or email, view water quality, analyze graphs and print charts.


  • State-of-the-art microprocessor-based water quality controller with integrated global communications
  • Eliminates the cost of installing and maintaining dedicated analog telephone lines
  • Communicate wirelessly 24/7 from anywhere in the world
  • Monitor and maintain via web browser from any internet-enabled computer, mobile device, or via PoolComm App for iPhone or Android
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 50 Certified

Monitors and Controls:

  • pH levels
  • ORP levels
  • Temperature
  • Water level
  • Tank level
  • Digital flow
  • Backup sanitation
Features and Capabilities:
  • Wi-Fi transceiver
  • Advanced micro-processor based quality controller
  • Built-in global communication capacity
  • Bypasses the needs and costs for analog telephone lines
  • Wireless communication at all times from anywhere on the globe.
  • Can be monitored from internet-enabled computers, smartphones, and tablets
  • PVC Backboard
  • Flow cell/flow sensor
  • Installation Kit
Hayward CAT-5000-WIFI

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