SAVI Color Buddy Light - 150 Foot Cord

Item #: BUDDY-LITE-RGB-150

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SAVI Color Buddy Light

The Buddy Light features 5 fixed colors and 4 color shows with twice the brightness of comparable products at an amazing value. The Buddy Light fits into any 1-1/2" wall fitting or 1-1/2" FIP fitting and does NOT require a niche, J Box, Bonding or grounding making installation a breeze. The Buddy Light connects directly to any 12VAC Class 3 Transformer and can be installed in as little as 4" below the waterline.

Buddy Light Features:

  • Color Changing Buddy Light
  • 150 Foot Cord
  • 12 Volt - Safe Low Voltage Lighting.
  • Fits any 1-1/2" Wall Fitting or 1-1/2 FIP.
  • No Niche, No J Box, No Bonding, No grounding.
  • 5 Fixed RGB Colors and 4 RGB Color Shows.
  • Twice the light as competitors with 1/3 less cost.
  • Perfect for Fiber optic Lighting replacement.
  • Short Base - Ideal for tight installation areas.
  • Interchangeable "Buddy" Bulbs – Color or White fit the same light body.
  • True Color Mixing- we mix colors within the LED not in the pool – creates uniform colors without typical color separations seen by other lights.
  • Buddy Light Color synchs with Savi Melody, Savi Note and Savi SOL giving you choices on your pool lighting designs. Even synch's with our replacement LED light bulb – Galaxy Plus.
  • 180 Degree Beam Angle.
  • 10 Watts / .83 AMPS
  • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

Buddy Lights are the perfect replacement light for pools that currently have fiber optic lighting such as Pentair's FIBERworks Lights. The Buddy Light will screw into the existing light assembly in the pool and will wire directly to your current 12 Volt power source.


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