Speedo SMAO Paddles - Large

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Speedo SMAO Paddles

The SMAO Paddles are packed with cutting-edge hydrodynamic features that elite sprinters need to refine the drive-in phase of the stroke, demand an aggressive entry into the water, and reinforce a high elbow catch.

SMAO Paddle Features:
  • Swim Training Paddles for the Elite Swimmer.
  • Bio-mimic design captures the evolutionary advantages of the humpback whales fin.
  • Scalloped outer edges creates greater surface area for increased resistance.
  • Square Blow Valves creates greater resistance and buoyancy.
  • Flow Channels on the top and bottom guides the water in the proper direction and toward the blow holes.
  • Extended forearm section prevents wrist joint flexion.
  • Reinforces proper hand and elbow positioning.
  • Injection Molded EVA Foam that is naturally buoyant and requires you to aggressively break the water's surface, creating a fierce drive into the water.
  • Adjustable silicone straps are extra wide to help keep the paddle securely in place.
  • Small = Female (Moderate Resistance - Height 11" X Width 7.5")
  • Medium = Male (Great Resistance - Height 12" X 8.5")
  • Large = Big & Tall Males (Extreme Resistance - Height 13.75" X 10")

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