3 Hot Tub Accessories that Make Great Gifts

It’s that time of year! And we all have that one person in our lives, that one loved one or relative that is impossible to buy for. Never fret! If someone you love has a hot tub and you’re at a loss for what to get them, we can give you ideas for three hot tub gifts that the recipient is sure to enjoy.

Booster Seat

While some people may not like being reminded of their height, a hot tub booster seat is a great way to get more out of your hot tub, particularly for those hovering around 5’ tall. Many modern hot tubs will have different elevations in the seating area, but it might not be helpful for those who are vertically challenge. They may find themselves uncomfortable being so deep in the water and for that, a hot tub booster seat is a perfect solution. One reason people experience discomfort in a hot tub is because their chest is submerged in water (a common occurrence for the petite) and their body isn’t able to keep its temperature regulated. This means less time enjoying the water and actually relaxing.

For the shorties in your life or for smaller children who use the hot tub, wrap up a booster seat so they can get the most out of their time in the water.

Light Up Pals

Now these are just plain fun. Ever wanted some added ambience for your hot tub or bath? Instead of installing expensive LED hot tub lights, just grab a couple Light Up Pals. They light up different colors and use super bright LED bulbs that run on batteries.

Throw them in the water to make your hot tub extra fun, add some to the spa to provide safety lighting, or keep a few around for kids who can play a game while they soak in the tub. They make a great stocking stuffer only have limited uses for those with a limited imagination.

Hot Tub Pillow

For added relaxation in the hot tub, try adding a hot tub pillow or giving one to a loved one. If you have back problems or have a hard time unwinding, a hot tub pillow may just be the answer.

Now more advanced than your standard blow up pillow, you can buy pillows that are super soft and made of closed-cell foam that is both comfortable and hygienic. The Super Soft Weighted Hot Tub Pillow is made of that foam that is cushioned inside to provide head and neck comfort and are kept in place by strategically placed weights—no muss, no fuss! It’s available in all kinds of colors to fit tastes and personalities.

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