Pool Lifts

Pool Lifts

Swimming is a form of exercise that is healthy and therapeutic for everyone. With the use of pool lifts, swimming pools can be accessible to everybody, even those who may live with physical disabilities and may have otherwise hindered such access. A pool lift makes your swimming pool compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The lifts we carry at Sunplay are safe, efficient, affordable, and help the user enter and exit a pool.

Sunplay carries pool accessibility lifts from one of the most trusted brands in the pool industry: S.R. Smith. This manufacturer offers portable, semi-portable, and stationary swimming pool lifts that are meant to meet the design and safety needs of your private, public, or commercial swimming pool or spa.

You will need to assess your needs and purchase a pool lift accordingly. Do you need a lift that will stay in place year-round or something that is removable for easy winter storage? Does your facility have an in-ground pool AND an above ground spa that the lift will need to provide access to? Does your pool have an unusual configuration that is going to require a lift with extended reach? Once you have determined the specific style and installation needs, you can make your selections.

The activation key is required to be in place before the lift can operate as it prevents unauthorized use of the pool lift system. This is a good option if the pool is used in an environment that sees a lot of small children who could potentially play with and damage it. If you were to put it in at a hotel pool where the pool is not under constant supervision by staff, guests would need an activation key from the front desk to operate the lift.

If space is an issue or you would like the lift to be out of the way when not in use, you can choose a folding seat option for your poolside. Arm rests do not always come standard on accessibility lifts but are requirements in some states. Arm rests also offer comfort for the user during lift use. There are other accessories available like stability vests, seat pads, caddies, and covers. No matter your swimming pool style or needs of you or your customers, there is an accessibility lift available for you that will be ADA compliant.