Cleaning Attachments

Pool Maintenance

Maintaining a clean swimming pool can be a breeze with the right pool maintenance equipment. Essential for any pool owner—whether you clean the pool yourself—it is vital to have the best pool cleaning tools on the market, preferably at the best available prices. Whether you’re in the market for pool nets, poles, vacuums, or brushes, we have everything you need to keep your swimming pool sparkling clean and well cared for.

Sunplay carries many great pool bushes with all the features you could need. Bold bristles, corner flexing, durability, flexibility and more, you’re sure to find a brush that has all the elements you’re looking for. Need a brush that will attract bits of metal from the bottom of your pool? Need a strong brush that can withstand a lot of pressure? We have a model that will work for you. Use a traditional bristle brush or expand your collection to include a pumice stone. All of our brushes are manufactured by Oreq or Poolmaster—two trusted brands. Make sure you choose a pool brush based on the finish of your pool as there is a specific pool brush for each type. Get your pool as clean as possible without damaging the surface.

The pool nets carried at Sunplay serve an important job when it comes to pool maintenance. A pool net helps you quickly remove floating debris like leaves, bugs, or other floating debris that has somehow made it into the water. Skimmer nets are great for bug and leaf removal. If you have trees near the pool and you get a lot of leaves and organic material in the water, a leaf rake will do a better job. No matter what pool net you choose (from brands like Oreq, Pentair, Poolmater, and Swimline), make sure to get a long enough extendable telescopic pole so you can reach every area of the pool.

Swimming pool poles work as an intermediary tool that attaches to brushes, nets, and all manner of pool gadgets. These telescopic poles help you to extend and reach across into the middle of the pool for easier maintenance. We offer poles ranging from 4-16 feet in a variety of colors and finishes. You can also get safety poles and pool hooks that make storage a breeze.

Be sure to take a look at our fun and affordable chlorine dispensers. We have models in all shapes and styles, some even topped with fun animals like ducks, sharks, penguins, frogs, and turtles. Our other chlorine dispensers come in simple blue and white varieties. They take either 1” or 3” chlorine tablets and distribute chlorine throughout the work, taking out some of the pool chemistry guess work.

Sunplay carries a variety of different pool maintenance tools to keep your pool clean. Make sure you stock up on pool vacuums, vacuum hoses, leaf traps, and search through our parts and accessories to complete your arsenal. We even have a huge selction of swimming pool chemicals. Make sure cleaning your pool doesn’t become a chore with Sunplay products.