Pool Safety Equipment

Pool Safety Equipment

Certain responsibilities come with pool ownership. You have to keep your backyard swimming pool clean and in good repair. You’re also responsible for the safety of those who use your pool. Children in particular are susceptible to accidents in and around the pool. There are approximately 10 deaths per day in the US caused by accidental drowning. About one in five people who drown are children younger than 14 years old. Even nonfatal drowning accidents can result in long-term disabilities as the result of brain damage. Among children age 1-4, most drowning accidents occur in home swimming pools.

Incorporate some safety devices in and around the pool can help make the pool a safe environment while keeping it fun. Sunplay carries safety poles, life hooks, float lines, ring buoys, over-floats, float keepers, pool rope, life rings, emergency shut-off systems, pool alarms, and even wearable personal safety devices that will make your home swimming pool more of a haven and less of a hazard.

Each piece of equipment is important to keep around for their own reasons. Safety poles used in conjunction with life hooks can be used in situations where it’s necessary to pull someone from the water. Float lines are unsinkable nets that hook from side to side across the pool. Rung buoys are made from unsinkable foam, similar to life rings. They can both be placed over someone I the water, making it much easier to pull them out of the water in a faster fashion. Sunplay carries pool ropes that are lightweight and strong.

We carry alarm systems like the Poolguard gate alarm that lets you know when someone enters your gated swimming pool area or the Smartpool Pooleye alarm system that alerts you when someone has made their way to the perimeter of the swimming pool unbeknownst to you. For those times when you’re having a pool party and it may be hard to keep track of your child in the water, you can use the iSwimband Personal Aquatic Safety Device that alerts you when the wearer has been submerged in water for an abnormal amount of time. All of our tools, whether external or internal use, for rescue or prevention, are excellent to have poolside. After all, you can’t put a price on safety.

Remember: there is never a substitute for a watchful eye.