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Kickboards have a myriad of uses in the pool. They are lightweight, durable and versatile, helping beginners learn to swim or aiding competitive swimmers in refining their kick. They allow swimmers to focus on kicking drills and train them by immobilizing their arms in order to build leg strength. Great for young swimmers, kickboards help them build confidence in the water.

Sunplay carries top swim brands like Finish, Nike, TYR, Speedo, and Head.  We have products that are specialized like the Speedo Pull Kick and the Finis Alignment Board as well as junior sizes for the kiddos in your life.

Most swimming boards or kickboards are made from EVA foam while some are made of a more durable HDPE. Some kickboards are traditionally made with two hand hold grips cut into the foam. Others are meant just to be held at the front as the swimmer kicks through the water. No matter what you’re looking for in a swimming kickboard, you should be able to find one to fit your needs.

A great kickboard for youngsters is the Junior Finis Foam Kickboard. Supporting the upper body, it helps little ones focus on their kick in the water, whether they’re learning to swim or improving their kick for competition. This board is constructed of EVA foam and is resistant to corrosion that can occur when in the chlorine or sunlight. 

For adults, there is the Nike Team Kickboard. This board has a thin profile that makes the board flexible while still buoyant enough to keep the torso out of the water so the swimmer can focus on kicking drills and other training. Die-cut from EVA foam, it is also built to be durable and not break down due to the chemistry of the swimming pool.

We also carry specialty boards like the TYR Hydrofoil kickboard. Made with a three-dimensional design, this board provides enhanced control for the upper body which allows it to move and roll along with the lower body to more accurately simulate a swim kick. It helps maintain a natural body position that’s true to race form. The convex hull lets swimmers rock side to side while still maintaining balance and direction in the water. 

Another specialty training board we carry is the Speedo Pull Kick. The Pull Kick is a kickboard and pull buoy in one! When you use a kickboard, you support the upper body and strengthen your legs. When you use it as a pull buoy, you support your hips and legs to build core and upper body strength. It’s designed to be compact but unique in that it promotes proper body positioning and is perfect for the traveling swimmer. It’s made of the traditional and reliable EVA foam to keep it lightweight and resistant to chemical damage.