Spa Chemicals

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Spa Chemicals

Maintaining the proper balance of the spa chemicals in your hot tub is perhaps one of the most important responsibilities you have as a spa owner. When spa chemicals are kept within safe levels, your water will not only remain pristine and ready for bathers, but the life of your spa equipment will also be extended. A hot tub that is properly balanced and ready for use will get significantly more use than one that's not.
Prevent the Buildup

Every bather who enters your hot tub inevitably brings with them any combination of oils, soaps, perfumes, and other products they have on their skin, all of which end up in your spa water. These unwanted contaminants can upset the chemistry of your spa, and leave your hot tub working less efficiently. We carry products from the name-brands you trust (including Leisure Time, ProTeam, SpaPure, and Frog) to keep spa chemicals working properly, and maintain the proper level of sanitation in your water.

Hot Tub Sanitation
While chlorine and bromine are the most popular spa chemicals used for hot tub sanitation, bromine tends to be a more stable choice for the hot water temperatures of the spa. With complete starter kits from SpaPure for both methods of sanitation, establishing the proper levels of sanitizer has never been easier.

There are several issues that can arise when the chemicals in your spa are not properly maintained.

Cloudy water is a very common issue, and typically occurs as the result of high levels of calcium or deposits within recently added fill water. A clarifying agent can help clear up this issue quickly, re-establishing the correct levels of calcium, pH, and alkalinity, while even improving the performance of your filter. SpaPure Clarifier is efficient in resolving this issue.

Foaming water is often the result of detergents, oils, and other products carried into the water by bathers, making this another common problem in hot tub water. These products don't mix well with present chemicals, throwing off the chemistry of the water, thus causing an over-abundance of bubbles. Products like SpaPure Defoamer quickly manage this problem by restoring the proper balance.

Hot tub scum can result when water chemistry is thrown off due to improperly maintained levels or too many bathers in the water. Regular use of a shock treatment such as SpaPure Stain and Scale Preventer, can prevent the appearance of hot tub scum, or eradicate it from your hot tub when it is present.

If You Need It, We've Got It
Maintaining the correct levels of spa chemicals is essential to keeping your hot tub clean and in good working order for decades.

Whether you're in need of a filter cleaning solution, a shock treatment, an alkalinity increaser, a spa cleaner, a pH decreaser, a Spa Frog system, and even a mineral spa stick, we have the products you need to keep your hot tub clean.