Chlorine Generators

Spa Chlorine and Bromine Generators

Spa chlorine and bromine generators, which some people call "salt systems," can keep hot tubs clean, safe and attractive. All over the world, these machines are gaining in popularity, and their reputation for reliability keeps on spreading.

Two Similar Devices

These devices operate in essentially the same way. The only real difference between them is that you add sodium chloride, which is table salt, to a chlorine generator and sodium bromide, a different kind of salt, to a bromine generator.

Both machines apply weak electrical currents to saltwater in order to extract chlorine or bromine. They then release those substances into the water.

By the way, chlorine and bromine are elements that are very much alike. When they're at room temperature, though, bromine is a liquid, and chlorine is a gas.

A Range of Benefits

Spa chlorine generators and spa bromine generators are affordable, friendly to the environment and easy to maintain. Equally appealing, when you own one of these machines, you won't need to buy and store bromine tablets or chlorine.

Both types of generators will ensure that you have water of the highest quality inside your hot tub. That sanitized water will contain low levels of salt ― so low, in fact, that if you were to take a sip of it, you wouldn't be able to taste the salt.

On top of that, this water will feel soft. It won't damage hair and will have hardly any odor. Plus, it won't irritate your eyes or skin, and it won't fade the colors of swimsuits.

When you use one of these generators, harsh chemical byproducts won't build up inside your tub. The foaming in your water should be lessened as well, and your unsightly scum lines will be diminished. They might even disappear completely.

If a hot tub isn't properly sanitized, it can quickly become home to harmful bacteria and other dangerous microbes ― living things that will reproduce rapidly. Fortunately, spa chlorine and bromine generators are extremely efficient at eliminating microscopic menaces; as a result, you and your guests can have true peace of mind, which is exactly what people want when they're relaxing in a spa.