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Pool Cleaners

Properly maintained swimming pools generally cost less money, use less water and pool chemicals, and cause less wear-and-tear on the pool equipment. Part of keeping your pool clean and hygienic is employing the proper tools in the process. Using a pool vacuum from Sunplay makes your pool cleanings a breeze and keeps your water sparklingly clean. Since we carry the best brands and units that are proven to perform, you will have no problem finding the right pool cleaner for your swimming pool.

There are many different varieties of pool cleaners to choose from and we’re confident that you will be able to find one that will suit your needs without breaking the bank. We carry robotic cleaners, suction cleaners, side pressure pool cleaners, units appropriate for above ground pools and all the best brands of each: Polaris, Zodiac, Hayward, Pentair, Smart Pool, and Dolphin.

Robotic Vacuums scrub the walls, floor, and waterline of your pool while vacuuming and filtering the water in the process. They can be preprogrammed and dropped in the water any time you need a deep cleaning. Robotic vacuums are the easiest way to clean your pool and require the least amount of work out of the pool owner.

Suction Vacuums do virtually the same job as the robotic cleaners, scrubbing the pool walls and floor while dislodging stubborn dirt particles with rows of small rubber scrubbers. It cleans quickly and thoroughly by moving through the pool using the flow of the pool’s water to catch any fallen dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool and sending it through the pool’s filtration system.

Pressure Vacuums sweep, scrub, and vacuum pool surfaces while trapping debris like leaves and organic matter in an attached filter bag. Ideal for all kinds of in ground pool systems, pressure vacuums (sometimes referred to as pressure side pool cleaners) attach to a port that returns water to the pool. It maneuvers around the pool by shooting a stream of water that forces debris into a collection bag for removal.

No matter which kind you purchase, you are in good hands with Sunplay. Brands like Zodiac, Hayward, Polaris, Pentair, Smart Pool, and Dolphin are known for being user friendly and reliable. We also carry units that are appropriate for pools that are above ground.

To learn more about a given unit, just click on the product and read all about it. You’ll be able to choose one that’s appropriate for your residential pool in no time. No matter which one you end up with, your pool is sure to be the envy of the block—clean and sparkling! As always, if you ever have questions, contact us here at Sunplay and we’re happy to help!