Salt Chlorine Generators

Salt Chlorine Generators

Using a salt chlorine generator is one of the many different options when it comes to swimming pool sanitation, one that is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Sometimes simply referred to as a chlorine generator, salt chlorine is one of the easiest ways to maintain your pool’s chlorine sanitizer level at the desired ppm.

Salt chlorine generators are very popular for swimming pools as an alternative to standard swimming pool sanitizing options because it eliminates the need to buy, transport, store, and handle chlorine. Salt generators are not a chlorine-free option; they actually make their own chlorine using regular salt. The “cell” is the part of the generator that makes chlorine. When swimming pool water is pumped through the generator cell by the filter pump, the salt in the water is turned into what is called hypochlorous acid in a process known as electrolysis. When the water enters the swimming pool, it will introduce the newly produced chlorine which prevents algae, bacteria, and microorganisms from growing in the water.

Successful use of salt chlorine generator system depends on a few important factors. The first is to make sure the “cell” is kept free of mineral or calcium build up. The cell is made up of precious metals that must be maintained in order to allow it to produce chlorine. The other important aspect to remember is ensuring the pool water is maintained at proper chemical levels. This can be done by testing your water regularly and making adjustments as needed.

When you purchase a chlorinator, make sure it’s able to generate enough chlorine for your pool’s volume (in gallons). Once you have decided on the right size salt chlorinator, add the manufacturer’s recommended amount of pool salt and adjust your chlorine generator to meet your needs. With salt chlorinators, it’s easy to maintain your pool’s chlorine level.

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