Swim Training Aids

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Swim Training Aids

Swim training aids are thought to be controversial by some individuals in competitive swimming—are they a shortcut in lieu of traditional training or are they a useful tool that can improve technique? At Sunplay, we believe the latter. With any of the array of swimming aids we carry at Sunplay, you can maximize your workout and prepare your body to perform at its highest ability.

What most swim training aids accomplish is stilling one aspect of swimming so you can focus on others. With products like the Freestyle Snorkel by Finis, you can keep a still head position so that you can pay attention to your stroke instead of worrying about when to take a breath. It also makes the user mindful of head position, keeping swimmers from looking too far forward (making the legs drop, decreasing kick efficiency) or looking too far down (which affects head turn efficiency). If you make either mistake while wearing the snorkel, you’ll suck in water and be naturally prompted to make adjustments.

Finis is at the forefront of manufacturing many swim technique training aids. Products like the Finis Tech Toc helps you establish a natural rhythm as you swim. The belt attaches to the hips and, as your body rotates in the water, will make a ticking noise. This helps the swimmer be conscious of their body rhythm (or lack thereof) and they can make adjustments accordingly. The Finis Hydro Hip creates resistance during rotation to build core muscles for a more powerful stroke. It also teaches proper stroke timing by forcing the user to correctly rotate the hips at the top of each stroke.

Items for resistance in the water include the Finis swim parachute that creates drag behind the swimmer in order to build strength and speed, and the TYR Aquatic Fitness Resistance Belt. We have a selection of items that vary from low to high resistance and for beginning level to advanced swimmers. Many of these swim training aids are highly affordable and made by all the best brands: Finis, Speedo, TYR, and more.