Spa Cover Lifts

Spa Cover Lift

Having a spa cover is a vital part of hot tub ownership. Not only does it keep your water better sanitized, it prevents heat from escaping and water from evaporating which will conserve energy and save you money. With covers, however, come some difficulties. In order to use your unit, you typically need to remove the cover entirely. This can both be strenuous as hot tub covers can be heavy, and a hygiene issue if you have to rest it on something that could soil it. Unless you want your cover resting on the ground where it can accumulate dirt and further contaminate your hot tub water, you’ll need to get a cover lift.

Cover lifts make the work of removing your spa easy and efficient. Oftentimes, they can be easily manipulated by one person. It helps to protect your cover and increases its longevity by keeping it off of the ground and storing it while the hot tub is in use. Besides, what good is a hot tub if you have to strain your back taking off the cover and then have to use the hot tub to relieve the pain of taking that cover on and off?

We carry cover lifts made by the best manufacturers who use only the highest quality elements in their production. From Cover Valet, to Hayward, to Leisure Concepts and beyond, you can trust the names of the brands we carry at Sunplay.

Sunplay has cover lifts that will fit most any shape or size cover, from the standard square to round and hexagonal.

You also have all kinds of options when it comes to where the cover lift will mount. If you don’t want to drill into the side of the cabinet, you can always get a unit with an undermount option. Undermount cover lifts like the Cover Valet RX, the Covermate II Undermount, and the Covermate Freestyle all come in this style. Undermount cover lifts use a large plate on the base of the lift that slides under the hot tub cabinet to give the strength and security needed to lift the cover off of the hot tub and rest along the side of the unit.

If you want some additional strength and reliability, try the side mount cover lifts with hydraulic arms. The Covermate III by Leisure Concepts is a side mount hot tub cover lift that uses hydraulics to lift any spa cover with ease. It mounts under the lip of the hot tub using two large 25-inch brackets for extra steadiness. Other options like the Cover Valet (CV400 & CV250 depending on the size of your hot tub) also mount under the lip of the acrylic on your hot tub.

If you’re looking for something without moving parts, we carry the Cover Shelf and the Cover Catch. These mount to the side of the unit and don’t assist in removing your hot tub cover so you’ll need some extra man power if you want to take your cover completely off of your hot tub. However, these are simple solutions and easy to assemble and install.

No matter your unique requirements, we carry enough options to fit your needs. For more info, either click on an item to get all the details or call us at Sunplay and we’ll be happy to help!