Winter Covers

Winter Pool Cover FAQs

What type of winter cover should I buy for my swimming pool?

There are multiple types of covers to choose from to cover and protect your in-ground or above ground swimming pool during the winter:
  1. Solid, Woven Pool Cover
  2. Mesh Pool Cover
  3. Leaf Catcher Pool Cover
1. The most common type is a solid, woven pool cover. This type of cover comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors but also in many types of finishes, thicknesses and lengths of warranties. Typically, the longer the warranty the better the quality of the materials that are being used and workmanship that goes into making the cover. The manufacturers warranties are usually prorated and typically range from 2 to 20 years in length. Woven covers are coated on the top and bottom to assure they are water tight and the materials and thickness applied can vary depending on the cover. Less expensive covers are usually imported and have lower material weight per square yard than more expensive, higher quality covers.
2. Another type of winter cover that you can use are mesh covers. Mesh winter covers are similar to solid covers but by using a mesh material they eliminate the need to remove standing water off the cover that can accumulate from rainfall and melting snow. The mesh material will allow water to filter through the cover and into the swimming pool while keeping large debris such as leaves and such from entering. Yes, fine dirt and silt can also make its way into the pool but can easily be vacuumed out in the spring. Removing the standing water also reduces some of the stress on the cover, prolonging its life.
3. Looking for an extra layer of protection in areas with a lot of leaves. Cleaning leaves off your winter cover in the spring time can be time consuming, messy and if not careful, you can end up dumping all of those leaves and other large debris in your pool when removing your cover. This can create tons of extra work. Fortunately there is a solution that will protect your winter cover and prevent unnecessary spring cleanup. It is appropriately called a Leaf Catcher. Leaf Catchers are a cover that goes on over the top of your solid or mesh cover and catches the leaves. When opening your pool in the spring you can first remove the leaf catcher and thereby remove almost all of the unwanted leaves and then safely open your winter cover without accidentally dumping a bunch of leaves in the pool. These Leaf Catchers strains debris from the water and prevents staining and other damage to the pool cover and liner caused by the leaves and other large debris.

How does your winter cover attach to the pool or deck?

In-ground pool winter covers will secure over in-ground pools by placing water bags or similar types of weights around the cover. These covers will have water bag loops that you can use to place your water tube through to keep them securely on the cover and many also include tie down loops for use if you choose.
Above ground pool winter covers typically attach around the perimeter of the pool using a coated cable and metal winch. The cover will fold over the edge of the top rail and securely tighten, keeping the cover in place all winter long. in addition, you also have the option of using cover clips that attach to the top rail of the pool to prevent the cover from becoming damaged from flapping in the wind against the pool wall or top rail. 

What size of winter cover do I need for my pool?

All winter covers are designed to be ordered based on the actual dimensions of your swimming pool. For example; if you have a 16' X 32' in-ground pool you would want to order a 16' X 32' winter cover. The actual cover size will be large to allow for enough extra cover to lay on your pool deck and accommodate your water tubes. So the actual size of the cover would typically be 21' X 37' which is considered a 5' overlap. This can vary depending on the cover and manufacturer but should be listed. Sunplay would recommend choosing cover that has a over lap of 5'. This will allow enough extra area to apply your water tubes or other weights and allow the cover to droop down and lay flat on the water.
The same applies to above ground pools. Order your cover based on the actual size of your pool. If you have a 18' round pool then you would need to order a 18' round winter cover. Again, the actual size of the cover will have a large enough overlap to allow you to securely tighten the cover around the edge your swimming pool with the provided cable and winch.