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Aquatic Fitness Gear

Aquatic fitness isn’t just for geriatrics anymore. A few million enthusiasts of all ages have discovered water-based resistance workouts and are reaping from the long list of benefits. Working out in the water is gentle on your joints while still helping you increase both upper and lower body strength. Studies done on aquatic fitness have proven that those who participate in water workouts get all the same results as land-based workouts but without all the stress on their bones, joints, and ligaments. Sunplay carries all kinds of aquatic fitness gear that is sure to ramp up your water workout so that you get all of those great results sooner.

Try integrating Aquatic fitness into your current workout regimen. Whether you’re a high level athlete or a novice at the gym, aquatic training can help your body in a myriad of ways. Adding some variation into an otherwise mundane workout schedule while still getting a great workout will aid your fitness. Some added perks are that the inherent hydrostatic pressure of water helps with blood circulation and helps the body rid itself of lactic acid buildup which would otherwise create muscle soreness. That same pressure helps reduce edema (or swelling) in the body. In addition, people who exercise in the water even sporadically show improved pulmonary function and increases their lung function.

Not everyone thinks of aquatic fitness as strenuous, but strength training in the water has become more and more popular. Aquatic based strength training is typically done in terms of resistance as opposed to terms of weight that would be used in a land-based workout. When the body is in water, it’s constantly surrounded by resistance because water is denser than air. Added items like jogging belts, pool noodles, and dumb bells help to strengthen muscles, stabilize the core, and increase range of motion while not causing strain on the joints and ligaments. This kind of strength training is accessible for those of all ages and ability levels.

Aquatic fitness can also help serious athletes in instances where they may be rehabilitating an injury, whether it’s a sprain, fracture, or dislocation, joints and ligaments can derail athletic training. Traditionally athletes are just asked to rest and relax in order to recover from an injury. While rest is vital, athletes lose muscle while they’re unable to utilize a traditional gym. Where some athletes may return too soon to exercise, they often reinjure themselves and set their rehab back. Depending on the injury, athletes can almost immediately begin to rehab it in the water because they don’t have the strain of gravity on their joints, bones, and ligaments. This can help athletes have less down time and return to a normal training schedule quicker than someone who rested while waiting for the injury to heal.

So whether you use hand weights, fitness gloves, jogging belts, resistance bands, or barbells, you’ll be making your workout more dynamic and effective. We carry only the finest products from Finis, Speedo, and TYR.