Pool Paint

Pool Paint

How can you tell which type of pool paint is currently on your pool?

Immerse a small chip, about 1" square in denatured alcohol. If it dissolves, it is a water-based acrylic. If not, immerse a small chip of the existing coating into a solvent blend of 75% mineral spirits and 25% Olympic No. 1108 solvent or Xylol. Wait 30 seconds and rub the chip between your thumb and forefinger. If the chip dissolves, it is a synthetic rubber-base coating.

If the chip does not dissolve, then immerse the chip in 100% Olympic No. 1108 solvent or Xylol. If the chip then dissolves, it is a chlorinated rubber coating. If it does not, it is an epoxy.

Use the same type finish for refinishing. Remember that a synthetic rubber base coating can be applied over a chlorinated rubber coating but a chlorinated rubber coating cannot be applied over a synthetic rubber. However, you may convert old rubber base to epoxy by first applying Fusion Plus Conversion Coating.

You can also send your paint chip to Kelly Technical Coatings for an analysis to determine the type of paint that is currently on your pool:

Kelley Technical Coatings
P. O. Box 3726
1445 South 15th Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40210-3726