Pool Testing Supplies

Taylor Test Kit K-1001 - Sunplay

Pool Testing Supplies

Making sure that your chemicals are dispersed evenly in your swimming pools is an important responsibility as a pool owner. Improper chemical balance can lead to illness as certain bacteria are allowed to thrive and can enter the blood stream either through ingestion or absorption. Incorrect chemical balance could also damage parts of the swimming pool system like the pumps or the plumbing. It is an indication that the chemical levels need to be checked if the pool owner notices that swimmers have changing hair color or irritation of the skin or eyes.

Sunplay offers a great selection of chemical test kits and supplies in liquid, tablet, strip, and digital form. These help the pool owner be sure that his or her chemicals are well balanced in their swimming pool water. Each type of water test kits offer accurate results as long as they are used properly. The basic chemicals that can be tested with a kit are sanitizer level, pH, and alkalinity levels of the swimming pool.

A liquid reagent is a substance that is added to a system to work as a catalyst for a chemical reaction or added to indicate a chemical reaction. Liquid kits require measuring samples and counting a certain amount of drops of reagent. If the person doing the test isn't careful with his or her measurements, the result may not be accurate.

In order to ensure that the chemicals in your pool are well balanced, you should check them at least two times a week, more during times of high usage. It's best to test the water at dusk when the water has had time to settle from the day’s use. It is best not to check during days when there is inclement whether or when the lawn surrounding the pool has recently been mowed. If ever in doubt, wait a few hours and test the water again.

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