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Taylor Test Kit K-1001 - Sunplay

Spa Testing Supplies

Having chemicals evenly dispersed and properly balanced in your hot tub is an important responsibility for a hot tub owner. Problematic water that is not properly sanitized can morph into an environment that is prime for bacteria growth and could lead to serious illness. Poorly balanced pool chemicals may also result in irritated eyes and skin, altered hair color, and damaged spa equipment. In order to keep your hot tub clean and healthy, be sure to stock up on our spa testing supplies.

Sunplay offers a great selection of chemical test kits in a variety of forms: liquid, tablet, strip, and digital. Choosing which kind works for you is a matter of research and preference. We also carry reagents which is a substance that is added to a test and acts as a catalyst to bring about a chemical reaction or added to water to test for a reaction. Liquid kits require measuring samples and counting a certain amount of drops of reagent. If the person doing the test isn’t careful with their counting or their measurements, the results may be less accurate.

Test strips are the quickest and simplest way to test your spa water; they remove the guess work or miscalculations that can happen with drop kits. Known as being the easiest method of water testing, test strips are simply dipped into the water at elbow length and then the results are read after the colors appear—approximately 30 seconds.

Tablets come in easy to open packages that are added to a tube of swimming pool water. Once that tablet dissolves, it will turn a color that indicates what adjustments should be made. Digital kits take the guess work out of the process for you. The digital readers will test your water and tell you what parts of the water chemistry needs adjusting. Just fill a vial with water, add a reagent, and let the digital reader to the work. Digital readers are more expensive than your run of the mill test kit, but they are a quality investment that typically pays for itself over time.

Before purchasing one of the test kits or supplies, establish how much time can be invested in testing your chemicals. Sunplay recommends testing your hot tub water at least twice a week. Once you decide what method will work best for you, you’ll be ready to make your decision.