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SportCount Stopwatch - Sunplay
Finis Tempo Trainer Pro - Sunplay

Finis Tempo Trainer Pro

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Finis Swimsense Live - Sunplay

Finis Swimsense Live

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Finis 3X300M Stopwatch - Sunplay

Finis 3X300M Stopwatch

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Electronics, MP3 Players, and Timing

The electronic age has certainly changed the way we all go through our workouts. Whether it’s to monitor progress, protector your gear, or provide entertainment, Sunplay has products meant to change the way you exercise. You can trust the products made by Finis, OverBoard, SportCount and more to help you through your routine, both in the water and out.

Products like the Finis Neptune Underwater MP3 Player provide high quality sound in the water without the use of ear buds. Instead, the Neptune uses a technology called Bone Conduction, transmitting the audio through the cheekbone directly into the ear. The side speakers attach securely to the swim goggle straps and rest on the cheekbones so they don’t interrupt proper swim strokes. The Neptune can hold 4 GB of audio enough for 1000 songs or 60 hours of playback. Adjust the volume, change tracks, and access play functions by using the marked buttons. The battery is rechargeable and plays for 8 hours per charge.

If you have the confidence to use another waterproof device, you can use one of our pairs of waterproof earbuds from OverBoard and EcoXBuds. These affordable options allow you to complete your swimming workout while enjoying the audio of your choice on your existing music player.

We also carry lap counters, stop watches, tempo trainers, heart rate monitors, and other items to help avid lap swimmers track their progress. There are waterproof Bluetooth speakers that are impervious to water and safe to use around the pool as well as OverBoard Waterproof cases to protect smart phones, tablets, and eReaders in the same way.

Also in this category are a great selection of multi-sport GPS watches. Excellent for cyclers and runners, these GPS watches have features like heart rate monitors as well as cadence and speed sensors. Produced by TomTom, these are a nice way to ramp up your workout so you can see improvement more rapidly.