Pool Chemicals

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Chemicals for Swimming Pools

Swimming pool chemicals are essential when aiming to maintain a high-quality and hygienic pool environment. Proper sanitation not only keeps the water looking nice and clean, it prevents growth of bacteria and algae that are a nuisance for pool owners and swimmers alike.

As a pool owner, you know that maintaining a swimming pool takes a lot of time, effort and, most importantly, money. Sunplay.com believes that every pool owner deserves to have access to the best pool chemicals at the cheapest prices available. That’s why we carry all of the top brands of chemicals for swimming pools with a low price guarantee.

No matter the shape, size, or type of pool, you are sure to find the right strength and combination of pool chemical supplies online at Sunplay.com. Our chemicals keep bacteria at bay, deter algae growth, and wrangle all manner of microorganisms to keep your water clean and swimmable.

Whether you sanitize your swimming pool with traditional chlorine, bromine, or another non-chlorine chemical, we’ve got everything you need to properly care for your inground or aboveground pool. We have all types of pool chemicals for both chlorine and non-chlorine swimming pools, as well as all of the necessary pool chemical products for algae removal and control, stain and scale control, ph balancing, and so much more. Our chemicals even come in several different forms including tablets, liquids, granules, sticks, and acids.

We offer a huge selection of products from trusted brands like ProTeam, Haviland, Bio Dex, Jacks Magic, BioGuard, Natural Chemistry, SeaKlear, and GLB pool chemicals. Whether you're shocking a pool, cleaning your cover, or clearing up cloudy water, we have the solution to your water problems and can help you keep your water looking clean and ready all year round.

Enjoy better prices and a wider variety -- buy your swimming pool chemicals online today at Sunplay.com.