Pool Accessories

Sunplay has a few Pool Accessories for your pool. Things such as Thermometers, Surface Magic, Swim Diapers, Stain Out Erasers (for Fiberglass or Concrete pools), and also Light Shows for your pool, along with Floating Light Games!

Thermometers are important for your pool because then you can quickly check the temperature of your pool, accurately. We carry many different types of thermometers that you can choose out of.

Our Surface Magic remove debris from you pool water surface. When direct use, Surface Magic will quickly clear your pool water's surface of dirt, grass clippings, leaves, oils, bugs, and other floating debris, to definitely making cleaning up a lot easier AND FASTER! When you add the drops, all of the surface debris will accumulate into one corner of your pool and will make cleaning it out with your net, a snap!

Our Swim Diapers are very popular for the little ones who are still wearing diapers. It's nice for moms and dads to not have to worry about putting their child in a pool without worrying about leaks and accidents. For most children, it would be a need to wear a Swim Diaper.

Our Stain Out Erasers, get those annoying stains out of your pool (Concrete or Fiberglass) quickly, and easily. Small or big, no matter what the size is, they'll help remove that stain! All you have to do is attach it to your pool pole, so you can reach out to further places.

Lastly, are Sunplay's Light up Pals and our Underwater Light shows. If you want to have a real party, purchase these. The Underwater Light Show is amazing! It puts crazy colors all around your pool for having fun during the night. No matter what type of mood you're in, it will set the mood. Want to have a party all night? Well the lights will light up the pool, and mood, all night long! Check into each Pool Accessory, so you know what will be best for you!