Pool Equipment

Pool Equipment

A swimming pool may seem uncomplicated, but there are a lot of parts that go into making either a commercial pool or traditional backyard pool functional. We have an extensive pool equipment selection, providing pool pumps, pool filters, pool heaters, automation systems, chemical feeders, timers & clocks, cover pumps, water features, pool water levelers, in-floor cleaning systems, and blowers. Anything you might need to help your pool run, we carry.

Our pool pumps work to circulate swimming pool water in order to keep the water clean, properly filtered, and heated. We carry many quality brands of pool pumps from manufacturers like Hayward, Pentair, Speck Pumps, Waterway, and more. The size of the pool in addition to the volume of water being circulated will factor into the size of pool pump your swimming pool will require. We have a selection of pool pumps with various flow capacities to meet your needs.

Our pool heaters—from trusted names like Jandy, Pentair, Raypak, and Zodiac—work to keep the temperature of the water in your pool at a comfortable level for maximum enjoyment. Choose from electric, gas, or solar heaters to meet your needs and keep your water warm relaxing.

Sunplay carries pool automation systems that help remove some of the monotonous work of pool ownership. Depending on the needs and features of each individual swimming pool, keep everything running with a pool automation system to regulate salt chlorine, pool pumps, heaters, lighting, and cleaning systems. Choose from quality product manufacturers like Intermatic, Pentair, and Zodiac.

Adding one of the timers and clocks that Sunplay carries can help improve the running of your swimming pool. Made by product manufacturers like Intermatic, NSI Industries and NSI Tork, run your pool heater and pump in short cycles instead of having your equipment run continuously for long periods of time throughout the day. Time the pool’s filtration system to run during off-peak hours when electricity demand is lower (and cheaper). These are only some of the benefits of having some of your pool systems run on timers.

Sunplay’s variety of water features—like deck jets, descent waterfalls, and bubbler LED lights—create a dynamic ambience that is sure to add a certain pizazz to your backyard swimming pool. At all price points, you’re sure to find a water feature that will customize your pool and fit your budget. You can trust that whichever brand you choose—Custom Molded Products, Pentair, S.R. Smith, or Zodiac—you’ll get an addition to your pool that you can trust.

Use Sunplay’s selection to pick out all the rest of your pool equipment like chemical feeders, in-floor cleaning systems, pool water levels, and cover pumps. Explore each product page for more individualized information.