Pool Leaf Traps

We have different styles of pool leaf traps that will do a great job. All leaf traps have an automatic suction on the side, or a vacuum head to clean up your messes. They filter up sand, silt, and other debris before it reaches the pump basket, or skimmer.

How Do Pool Leaf Traps Work?

The cartridge filter can be re-used and cleaned over and over again. All traps connect to a vacuum hose, and a flexible vacuum hose section to plug the leaf trap into your skimmer or vacuum line. Then we have a standard Pentair Leaf Trap Standard Bag, to replace all the Leaf Traps, and then of course, we have the Vacuum Hose for all the Leaf Traps, to connect onto the end of the Leaf Traps, and to connect into the vacuum port, or skimmer. These will all get your pool ready to go for the summer time, and will make sure it is sparkling clean!