Pool Cover Pumps

Pool Cover Pumps

A pool cover is essential for keeping your pool clean and free from debris, but it can pose its own problems. If water builds up on your pool cover, excessive pressure can damage the cover. There’s also a safety concern since pets or children could fall into the standing water and drown. Pool cover pumps reduce these risks by removing water from the pool cover.

Types of Pool Cover Pumps

Manual pool cover pumps are a simple solution to water building up on your pool cover. When you notice water building up on your pool cover during a period of heavy rain, you can use your manual pump to remove water and keep your pool safe. Automatic pumps are even more convenient because they turn on by themselves when a certain level of water builds up on the pool cover. An automatic pump is a good choice if you aren’t always around to keep an eye on your pool -- or if you simply don’t want to go out in the rain to turn on your pump!

Why You Need a Pool Cover Pump

Leaving water standing on your pool cover can bring up a huge variety of risks, some of which you may not have considered. As well as the risk of the weight of the water breaking the pool cover, the water can also attract birds that need water for drinking and bathing. The birds could damage your pool cover with their sharp beaks and leave behind feathers and other messes that you'll have to clean up.

Birds aren’t the only animals attracted by standing water. Stagnant water appeals to biting insects that could make your yard a very unpleasant place to be. There’s also a risk that small animals could fall into the water and drown, again creating a potential health hazard. Pool cover pumps reduce the risk of drowning, helping to keep your family and the local wildlife safe.

Buying a Pool Cover Pump

Pumping water off your pool cover helps to keep it clean, dry and safe while protecting your pool. Browse our range of pool cover pumps to find one that is suitable for your pool.