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Ultra Mitt - Sunplay

Ultra Mitt

Pool Brushes are necessary for swimming pool maintenance and pool cleaning. Each pool brush is specially designed for different types of swimming pool finishes such as concrete, gunite, vinyl liner, plaster, etc. The pool brushes bristles dictate what type of surface you are able to clean without damaging the pool walls or floor.

  • Bold Bristles - More volume and length with ultra UV protection. The EndForcer bristles were designed for performance and longer life.
  • Corner Brushing - Exclusive bristled end caps designed for brushing in those difficult corners.
  • Flexibility & Durability - Constructed of high impact plastics that give this brush both strength and flexibility.
  • Magnetic - Strong magnets allow you to quickly pick up those rust causing metal objects.
  • No Metal - No metal = no corrosion, no pole damage, no vinyl liner tearing, no rust causing screws to leave behind.
  • Pole Protection - The pole fits in the SpeedLock collar, eliminating pole flare damage, and extending the life of your pole.
  • Stronger - The patented SpeedLock collar strengthens the tool connection while still allowing it to flex and bend when needed.

    These Pool Brushes are all helpful ways of helping your pool stay clean and keeping your pool up to date on pool maintenance! Each Pool Brush helps in a different way, and works in a different way. According to what kind-of way you want it to help you, that is up to you to decide! Which Pool Brush would you prefer? What one would work best for you?  Which one would help you clean and work with faster and also easier? We have many options of Pool Bushes for you to choose out of. Pick out your perfect Pool Brush today, at Sunplay!