5 Mistakes Hot Tub Owners Make That Cost Them Money

Some people mistakenly think that having a hot tub is a luxury that is endlessly draining on their money and resources. While your hot tub may cost you initially, you should know that the former scenario doesn’t have to be the case. The first step is to examine some of the pitfalls of hot tub ownership so you can avoid them. These are some of the biggest mistakes you can make as a hot tub owner that will cost you serious money.

Mistake 1: Using a cheap hot tub cover (or none at all)

This is a very basic point that we’ve reiterated time and time again. If you don’t cover your hot tub, you’re only asking for trouble. A high quality hot tub cover serves a myriad of purposes that ultimately save you lots money. First, they keep heat in. The highest operating cost attached to a hot tub is the money you’ll spend to run the heater. If you have a good cover, your pump and heater won’t be constantly heating the water, rather it will run just to maintain heat instead of running it through ha constant cycle. Covers also keep debris and other contaminants out of the water which helps to reduce the need to overuse chemicals to rebalance the water.

Similarly, some websites will promise a good hot tub cover for a small premium. Here’s our sincere advice: be careful about where you cut corners. Cheap covers are usually made with low quality foam that isn’t sealed and quickly becomes water logged which severely affects its ability to retain heat. So even though you are keeping out the bugs and leaves, your motor is running much more, especially if you have cold external temperatures affecting it. In short, make sure you get a well-made, well-fitting cover that will last you a long time.

Mistake 2: Not adding that extra layer

Similar to a good hot tub cover, adding a solar blanket to your hot tub setup is a great way to save money. This is probably one of the most common mistakes that hot tub owners make because it’s such a small addition. Since evaporation is the leading cause of heat loss in spas and one of the major costs that determine how much a hot tub costs to run, adding a floating blanket keeps steam from rising and evaporating which saves both water and energy. Chemicals vapors that leave the water would otherwise be absorbed into your hot tub cover, shortening its life span. Using a solar blanket—which are a really small investment and come in all sizes—is a great way to save money in a variety of ways.

Mistake 3: Not comparing chemical prices

The cost of chemicals can really become steep if you’re not paying attention. Like anything else, you’ll probably spend much more money on a big name brand than a similar product sold by a company who has their own private label. If you pay attention to the list of active ingredient percentages on the bottle (like chlorine potency) you can often get a much less expensive product with the same strength, even if a less recognizable name is attached. Do some research, compare labels, and ultimately save yourself money. This is true of other sanitizing products like bromine.

Mistake 4: Not being familiar with your hot tub’s functions

Learning all about your hot tub is a great way to save yourself some cash. Your hot tubs’ highest source of energy consumption are the pumps and heaters that run. Most hot tubs have several filter cycles during a 24-hour span in addition to the electrical costs of running the pump and heater. However, your main use of energy—the heater—doesn’t run all the time, especially if you use smart heating practices like the ones mentioned above (cover/solar blanket). The less the heater has to kick on, the better you’ll fare when the bill arrives. Using your hot tub’s functions to run as little as possible is a good way to save money. Many hot tubs will let you run fewer cycles during the day as a way to conserve energy and run the equipment less. Your owner’s manual is your friend and a great money-saving guide.

Mistake 5: Missing out on deals

If you find a company you like and don’t follow them via social media or sign up for the newsletter, you’re missing out on a great opportunity in terms of savings. If you can stock up on chemicals or make big purchases (like a hot tub cover) when there’s a good deal, you can greatly lessen your financial burden. You can make anticipatory purchase in the case of chemicals (as long as you properly store them until needed and follow shelf life guidelines) and following those companies in as many ways as possible is a good way to know when the deals are happening. You will also find that a company to whom you’ve become loyal will also be loyal to you.

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