5 Tips for Landscaping Around a Pool

Landscaping Around Pool

A new season may have you itching to try out a new look for your pool, but how do you landscape around a pool when you're fresh out of ideas? Don't let a design block stop you from achieving your pool landscaping goals. Here are 5 tips for landscaping around a pool.


Consider a Plant Theme

When you're out of pool landscaping ideas, it's good to take it to the basics and go for a design inspired by nature. Opt for poolside plants in containers, or plant directly in the ground if your pool is in-ground and near grass. If your pool lacks shade and gets direct sunlight, consider incorporating low-maintenance plants that are bug- and drought-resistant, such as aloe vera and agave. Stay away from spiny or thorny plants that can pose a danger to people or pets, and avoid fruit-bearing plants that can drop in the pool. Also, choose plants that bloom later in the season, such as chrysanthemums, when less pool activity is going on due to cooler temperatures.


Create Zones

When you landscape around your pool, you want to establish sections for lounging and dining. You can do this by creating zones of activities such as a place to lounge with a coffee table and couch. Cover it with a pergola and place it near the shallow end of the pool. If your pool is in the open with no border to separate it from the backyard playing area, you can easily create a natural zone with boxwood plants. Borders are also a way to update the poolside landscape using repetition and texture.


Wake Up to a Waterfall

If you want to include a relaxing element to your pool area, consider adding a waterfall. The soothing sounds of running water set a calming mood that easily mimics a trickling brook. Opt for waterfalls that empty into your pool as a way to add function with form. If you choose to pair potted plants with waterfalls, place them a few feet back from the edge of the pool for safety and to keep your pool clear of falling foliage.


Try a Unique Mulch

Mulch has many advantages for your landscape, including improved moisture retention and reduced weed production, and it's available in a variety of materials and colors, including such popular choices as black rocks or red cedar. When it comes to updating the appearance of your pool landscape, try unique mulch selections such as sustainable recycled glass or sea shells. These alternative forms of mulch are ideal for borders around plants. Check with your city's landscape and architecture department to see if it has any free or low-cost mulch before heading out to the garden store.


Make It Modern

Modernizing your poolside look with updated pool furniture can easily transform your pool landscape design. Try contemporary pool landscaping ideas such as sculptures and outdoor lounging chairs. Create an outdoor bar if space allows, or use a mobile bar cart as a mini poolside bar in tiny pool areas. Consider using pool lighting to enhance the look of the pool at night for a contemporary look.

Pool landscaping doesn't have to be difficult. Consider these tips for upgrading your pool so you can enjoy it all season long.
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