A Basic Guide to Pool Maintenance Equipment

pool maintenanceIf you are a new comer to the pool world, sometimes it can seem to be a bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to regular pool maintenance. Today I would like to give you a basic breakdown of the pool maintenance equipment you will likely be using. Hopefully this helpful guide will help you become more familiar with each piece of equipment so that you can get the most from your pool maintenance.

Pool Brushes

A necessary part of pool maintenance, pool brushes come in many different varieties, based on your pool finish.  Whether you have a gunite, plaster, concrete, or vinyl pool, there is a specific pool brush for your pool. Using the right type of brush for your pool is important to get the best clean possible and to avoid damaging your pool surface.

When performing your regular pool maintenance, you want to make sure to brush the bottom and sides of the pool with your pool brush; this will help remove any dirt or debris that has attached itself to the walls of floor of your pool and allow your vacuum to capture it.

Pool Nets

Basic as they are, a pool net serves an important job when it comes to pool maintenance. A pool net allows you to quickly remove floating debris such as leaves, bugs, or garbage that may have blown in to the pool. At Sunplay, we offer many different sizes and styles of pool nets, based on your needs.

Skimmer nets are great for bug and the occasional leaf removal. If you have trees near your pool and lots of leaves and debris often find their way in a leaf rake net would probably serve you better. Whichever pool net you choose, just make sure to get a long enough extendable telescopic pole so you can reach every area of you pool.

Telescopic Pool Poles

Telescopic pool poles are attached to your pool brushes, pool nets, and some pool vacuums, allowing them to extend and reach across and into the middle of your pool for easier pool maintenance. Here are Sunplay; we offer pool poles ranging from 4 ft. to 16 ft. in a variety of colors and finishes for your taste.

Pool Vacuums

Pool Vacuums come in many different styles, like robotic, suction, and pressure vacuums. They are an essential part of pool maintenance and keeping your pool clean. To figure out which type of pool vacuum is right for you we recommend your check out: How to Choose a Swimming Pool Cleaner

Pool Water Test Kit

Water testing is a very important part of your regular swimming pool maintenance. Choosing a good test water test kit will make sure that you are getting accurate and reliable readings with each test which will allow you to properly adjust your chemical keeping your pool clean and healthy.
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