Add Fun to Your Swimming Pool with a Pool Slide

Fun Swimming Pool SlideYou've just installed your new swimming pool,  you're thinking about doing so, or you've just purchased a new home with an existing swimming pool, and your family is excited to put it to good use and have some fun. Why not make the fun even more exciting by adding a swimming pool slide to the equation? Pool slides aren't just for little kids anymore. People young and old can enjoy countless hours of fun that a swimming pool slide can provide.

Sunplay offers  many styles of swimming pool slides that can fit any family lifestyle and personality. The hard part of buying a swimming pool slide is mostly choosing which style is best for you. Each slide offers a unique style of fun, and is easy to maintain. With less maintenance, you'll have more time to enjoy the slide.

For swimming pool owners who are interested in landscaping their pool area, the Big Ride slide would  be the perfect choice to help you get started with that. It stands over 5' tall, and is 17' of thrill sliding into your pool. Not only fun for kids, but exciting for adults as well. Another slide option that brings the amusement park to your home is the Turbo Twister which stands over 8' tall, and offers dips and curves. There is also the Typhoon which stands over 7' at the top of the handrails and is a newer addition to a contemporary line of slides.

The Rocket Ride is 6' to the top of the handrails, and just under 5' of sliding fun. It has a low-profile, compact design, and offers a sturdy open aluminum ladder. On the other hand, the Aquablast stands 6' to handrails as well, and is also just under 5' of slip and slide fun, yet offers an enclosed ladder. Both the Rocket Ride and the Aquablast are perfect intermediate slides for those kids who have outgrown the smaller slides.

All of the slides that Sunplay offers come in a variety of colors and textures which blend in with your backyard decor. They are able to hold up to 250 lbs of weight, or more, at a time, and they offer a great water delivery system to help your slide have more slip to it. Each slide fully complies with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's Safety Standard for swimming pool slides. Each slide also gives you a choice of which curve would suite your swimming pool better. They either turn left or right.

Once you have made the tough choice on which style, texture, curve, and color you'd like; the next step would be to decide on whether you'd like a self-contained water delivery system, or a separate pump. Hooking up your backyard hose to a water line is an easy way to help your slide give you the glide you'd like. Installing a water pump system would take the hassle out of dealing with a hose, but may end up being costly for pool owners with existing pools since it would require having to tear up your pool deck to install it.

Make sure you measure the space around your pool deck before installing your slide to be sure that there is ample amount of room. Installation of a pool slide can be done by the swimming pool owner with a proper anchor and tools, but most pool specialists would recommend installing it themselves so as to be sure it is done correctly. If, by chance, something is missed during installation, it could end up costing much more than money.

Be sure and maintain your pool slide by watching for loose bolts, wear and tear, and rust. Washing your pool slide often with warm soapy water will help remove the chemicals and debris from the slide that can add some wear too it. This simple act will help keep your slide healthy, and will support the endurance of the slide so that your family can enjoy it for many years.

As with anything pool related, you'll want to be sure and establish some rules on what the proper use of the slide is before using it. Not only establish those rules, but follow them. Watch children closely. Preventing accidents, and having a safe environment  will aid in the overall enjoyment of having your swimming pool slide.
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