Aquabot Pool Cleaners

The Aquabot line of pool cleaners by Aqua Products takes your pool cleaning to a whole new level. With the Aquabot’s T-Class cleaners the quality and functionality is unmatched. You can forget the days of a hose being stuck in your pool and having to drag that hose in and out for each cleaning. The Aquabot’s state of the art design allows you to clean your pool in half the time, cut your pool expenses by as much as 50%, and with no hassle get the "cleanest" clean your pool has ever had.

No matter which Aquabot T-Class you choose you can literally put it in your pool, push a button, and lay back and relax while it does your pool cleaning for you. With the Aquabot Turbo T2 or the Turbo T4RC cleaning time can be as little as 1 hour! Being that the Aquabot’s are a self-contained system there is no longer a need for messy hoses, or long hard to manage vacuum poles. This will truly take you pool cleaning to a whole new level!

With an onboard filtration system, filtering particles as small as 2 microns and its own pump motors, there is no longer need to use your main filter and pumps for cleaning. Reducing wear and tear on your equipment will cut costly repairs and allow you to enjoy a longer life out of your equipment. The efficiency of Aquabot also cleans pools twice as fast as its competition, but also reduces cleaner wear and tear which translates into less operating hours, greater reliability, and lower maintenance needs (because wear and tear on the cleaner is cut in half).

I know what you are thinking now…the ease and timeliness sound great, but how clean is it really going to get my pool? That is a very valid question and the answer is CLEAN! The Aquabot’s feature rotating brushes that loosen waterline build up and break down large debris, with patented power washing jets that flush dirt from areas that the brushes are unable to reach. Debris and dirt are sucked in through an off-center port that helps avoid issues such as clogging and also allows for access to dirt around the edges of the pool. The reusable internal filter bag captures debris from coins and leaves, to hair, sand, down to organisms that are 10x smaller than what many main pool filters can even capture. These features ensure the healthiest swimming environment, and also decrease main filter use by as much as 50%, and chemical consumption up to 30%.

These cleaners will truly give you the cleanest clean, while also saving you time and money! What more could you as for in a pool cleaner?

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