Bull Falls in Swimming Pool in Texas

Bull Falls in Pool

We shared a story not too long ago about crocodiles being found in a swimming pool in Australia. A similarly iconic regional animal fell into someone’s pool this past week when a bull was found in a swimming pool in Texas.

A few cows had escaped their enclosure at a nearby ranch and while the ranch hands were trying to get them back to the barn, the bull escaped.

The bull made a run for it but was slowed down when he fell into a home swimming pool, falling through the cover in the process. Covers do a good job of keeping leaves and bugs out of the chlorinated water—not so effective with animals that weigh nearly a ton.

The bull fell into the deep end of the water when witnesses alerted the authorities. It took dozens of crew members from animal control and the San Antonio Fire Department to pull the animal out.

Pool and homeowner, Dottie Bierschwale watched the whole process. She said, “it fell in the pool down here in the deep end and then they got it pulled over to the end and just kept its head above the water.”

Walter Yates, member of the SAFD said there’s a first time for everything. “I’ve never pulled a bull out of a pool. I’ve pulled a donkey out of a well and a mule out of a well.”

They hooked the animal to a system of different pulleys and haul systems so that they could get the “mechanical advantage” to pull out the almost 2,000 pound animal.

The bull was then loaded into a trailer and taken back to the ranch from whence he came and the few dozen helpers were able to go back to a less-exciting workload.

The livestock owner could possibly face citations and even a bill to cover some of the costs of the ordeal. Do you think that’s fair? Comment below!
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