Canine Resort in Spain Features Pool for Dogs

Would you pay a premium price to send your favorite fluffy family member off on vacation?  If your answer is a resounding “yes!”, it’s time to book a flight to Spain to have your pup stay at the Resort Canino Can Jane.

No more dilapidated kiddie pools filled with hose water for your canine. How about a full water park complete with slides, tunnels, rafts, fountains, and other water features for their playing pleasure?

This canine resort is not the first of its kind but is working towards being one of the most luxurious. One of the founders of the resort, Federico Cano, was a dog breeder and trainer for most of his life. While he traveled showing and training dogs, he noticed that there was a gap in the market when it came to caring for and accommodating these show creatures.

Even basic kennel services seemed meager. This prompted Cano to act and open the Resort Canino. After a ten year effort, his brain child has opened its doors. 

He has the first kennel in the world with a true resort feel. It encompasses six acres of land on which sits a 5 star hotel, a fitness center, parks, gardens, obstacle courses for puppies, classroom training facilities, hairdressers, and of course, a pool for dogs.

Room options include community rooms, duplex, junior suites, duplex suites, presidential suites, and a penthouse (which comes equipped with a live webcam so you can make sure all is right in your pet’s room).

As nice as the rooms are, I get the feeling these mutts prefer the pool as evidenced by this video.

The pool was built to have a sloped entrance and is just shallow enough that dogs could enjoy swimming but be able to get a secure footing at the same time. There are 1,000 square meters of pool area and the water is 60 centimeters deep in most areas.

I can’t help but think about the poor filter system, a challenge Cano admits to have taken into consideration when constructing the pool.

“There were a few other technical challenges. For example the filter system has to handle rather more than might be usual but we’ve overcome the problem and can guarantee a great experience for dogs and one that is clean and healthy for owners.”

Attendants of the pool have noted how beneficial playing in the water is for dogs of all ages. Whether it’s relaxing for an older dog or a good outlet of energy for a smaller puppies, Cano promises that if you “take the dog to the resort for an hour…I can guarantee that it will sleep for the next two days.”

The resort is a half an hour north of Barcelona and is accepting all the bookings it can handle.

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