5 Reasons Your Hot Tub Water is Cloudy

There are few things more frustrating than looking forward to a nice soak in your hot tub, just to discover the water is cloudy. Fortunately, cloudy water is relatively easy to remedy once the source of the problem is identified. Here are 5 of the most common causes of cloudy hot tub water, and some solutions to clear up the problem.

1. Low Levels of Sanitizer

It is essential to maintain the proper levels of sanitizer in your hot tub water to prevent bacteria, viruses, and other germs and organisms from building up and overtaking your spa. When cloudy water is present, check your sanitizer levels to be sure they’re within the proper range. If your sanitizer levels are below 2 or 3 ppm, re-establishing the correct levels of sanitizer should fix the problem. Spa chemicals are important, Bromine and Chlorine are two popular methods of hot tub water sanitation.

2. Problems with the Filter

If you suspect the filter may be the cause of your cloudy spa water, first check to be sure the filter cartridge is correctly positioned; if not, a simple adjustment of the cartridge into the proper position should correct the problem. If the filter is sitting correctly, remove it and clean it to see if that solves the problem. If you continue to experience cloudy water, consider replacing the filter cartridge, as these cartridges can become less efficient after one or two years of use.

3. Personal Products in the Water

Personal products like hairspray, lotion, makeup, detergent, and really anything else on your body can easily turn your water cloudy. If you suspect this may be the source of your problem, make sure no one enters the hot tub without rinsing off first to reduce the amount of these products that’s getting into your water.

4. Bacteria Buildup

Biofilm is a common bacteria that can overrun your hot tub and cause cloudy water. If your spa has sat unused for a period of time, or you notice slimy flakes floating in the water, this is likely the source of your problem. To remedy this issue, drop the pH level in the water to 7.2, then shock the water to raise the level of chlorine above 10 ppm before scrubbing out any visible bacteria present within the tub or pipes of your spa.

5. Problems with Fill Water

When you can’t identify any other cause of cloudy water in your hot tub, but you’ve recently added more fill water, it’s likely the fill water may have been cloudy. If this is, in fact, the problem, double check your spa chemicals to make sure they’re at the proper levels, then check your water again within a day or two, and it should clear up on its own.

Clear Your Water Today

There’s no reason to live with cloudy hot tub water anymore, especially when the solutions for this problem are so simple and effective. Clear up your hot tub water today with the right spa chemicals and maintenance and start enjoying your spa again.
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