Cool Pool Floats for Adults

Cool Pool Floats for Adults

Not only will cool pool floats help you stay in touch with your inner child, but they're also useful accessories when you need to watch some of the real children in the water. Adult pool floats are also a great finishing touch for your next margarita-fueled pool party. So before you buy one of these popular pool accessories, here's what you need to know to pick one of the best pool floats.


Cool Pool Float Features

Before you shop for floats, think about the features you'll need to make your summer a hassle-free experience. Many adult floats come with thoughtful additions that make them easier to use.


Built-In Coolers

Pool floats with built-in coolers give you a great space to stash drinks while you're visiting the beach or community pool. They're also helpful if you have to hold drinks for a crowd.


Pump-Compatible Blow-Up Valve

Blowing up a toddler-size pool float is no problem, but no one has the time or lung capacity to inflate most adult-size pool accessories. Invest in a pump for all of your inflatables, and make sure your new pool float's valve fits that pump.


Float Sunshades

Even if you always pack sunscreen, floats with built-in sunshades offer an extra level of sun safety. So if you're trying to avoid freckles and odd tan lines this summer, look for a float with a canopy.


Quick Release Valve

If you intend to take your float outside of your own backyard, look for one with a quick release valve. That way you'll be able to deflate your inflatable float quickly, so you can stuff it in the trunk.


Popular Pool Floats for Adults

All types of pool floats for adults are popular, but there are a few trends that keep popping up in magazine articles and on social media. Below are a few of the adult floats you'll spot when you head to the beach or pool this summer.

Animal Floats

In 2015, Taylor Swift took a picture riding an enormous swan pool float, and it became the most popular adult float of the summer. For 2016, U.S. Magazine and other trend watchers think that a giant white unicorn will be the float of the year. However, unless you want to play "twinsies" with every other beachgoer, you might want to consider a different take on the animal pool float trend. Try a giant alligator, flamingo or other water-dwelling creature to stay on trend, without copying everyone else.


Bead-Filled Floats

If your idea of the perfect summer is floating around in the equivalent of a recliner, try one of the new bead-filled chair-shaped floats. These floats never sink, are more stable than traditional inflatables, and come with a wide variety of comfortable covers you can wash.

Couple Floats

While it's nice to have some time to yourself, relaxing at the pool is also a great time to catch up with friends. Couple floats, also called duo floats, give you and a companion a seat, so you can enjoy each other's company while you're floating down the lazy river. Many of these couple floats are also fitted with headrests and coolers.

Food Floats

Giant food floats let you show the world your love of food. You can find inflatable floats that look like doughnuts, watermelon slices, popcorn and other food stuff. Just be sure to pack some snacks in case your pool float causes your favorite food craving to strike.

Using a pool float is a great way to enjoy the water this summer. However, instead of picking the first float that catches your eye, spend some time looking for some extra features that will make the float even more enjoyable.
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