Exciting Water Features for your Backyard Pool

Maybe you're in the preliminary stages of planning a pool for your backyard. Or maybe you've already had a basic one installed, and now you're finding it slightly lacking in the design department. Either way, what you have envisioned is not the run-of-the-mill watery rectangle found at any basic apartment complex. You want a pool that not only cools you off on a hot summer day, but is also a real conversation starter among your friends.

There are several avenues you can take when adding water features to your pool. Before you dive in, consider whether you want features that will enhance your swimming fun, or are strictly there to add a visual benefit. Some pool owners find they want the swimming experience to be multilevel, so they add a side splash pad or water slide. Others want their pool features more for aesthetic reasons, so they opt for a planter-based water fountain with fiber optic lights. To help you decide which features appeal to you, we've detailed the most popular ones.
Water Features


Waterfalls are an ideal feature due to their visual appeal, tranquil sound, and layered swimming options. To include a waterfall to your pool, look for an area that is slightly elevated compared to the rest. This makes the ideal jumping point for the water to cascade down. If there is no elevated section, a freestanding wall built adjacent to the pool can be your starting point. Waterfalls are versatile in that you can have a single flow of water spill out in wide sheets, or you can create a rocky oasis by having water trickle down accent stones from multiple ports. According to The Landscaping Network, the sound your waterfall makes can be customized as well. You can create the imitation of rain by installing a single row of streams projecting away from the wall, or create the gentle sound of water hitting water by using a single stream spewing from a fountain.
Deck Jets

Deck Jets

This simple feature is sure to please both children and adults. Basic deck jets create thin tunnels of water for users to swim under. They're a fun visual feature that can be used to enhance your swimming experience. If you want to take your jets to the next level, try installing laminar jets. They are capable of reaching up to seven feet high and eight feet wide, and since they exit the jet with no air bubbles, the water appears to be a flowing glass tube. If you are known to entertain by your pool at night, consider adding LED lights to the jets. They create a surreal light show that will leave your friends highly impressed.
Splash Pad

Splash Pad

If you're aiming to be the coolest parent in the neighborhood, a splash pad will do the trick. There are many options for a fun, interactive splash pad, but a classic feature is a column jet that shoots a fountain of water vertically in the air, so it lands back on itself and creates a bubbling play area for children. For an extravagant look, try the deck level spray ring. Adding a splash pad as a side feature to your pool is the perfect way for children to safely enjoy the water without parents having to hover.

Water features can add even more appeal to an already elegant pool. They can showcase your personality and allow multiple stations for users to enjoy, so the scenery never gets stale. If you are building a pool or adding to your existing one, consider any one of the above features to make your pool unique.
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