Friday Feature: Luxury Pools

Luxury Pools

If you live anywhere mountainous or unfortunately far north of the equator like I do, you’re starting to feel the imminent chill of winter. In my house, we’re slowly piling on the layers, cranking our thermostat, and sleeping with an extra blanket or two as we inch up on December. Because most of us would trade in a parka for the pool, let’s warm up an otherwise chilly Friday by looking at some incredible luxury pools that were just featured as part of Wall Street Journal’s popular “House of the Day” feature.

The top eight featured pools were selected from homes in the US that were featured on WSJ during the 2013 year. These luxury pools are part of equally impressive homes across the states, from a beachfront Florida property worth upwards of a staggering ten million dollars, a 101 acre country family home in Vermont, to a serene and modern lake house in Washington belonging to a former Microsoft executive that features a covered and heated pool house with beautiful modern style.

The slideshow starts with a Clearwater, Florida home with a pool that has a waterfall, diving well, spring board, underground waterslide, and a swimming area that’s longer than a standard Olympic pool. It’s all accented by meandering rock and naturally planted landscaping.

Not to be outdone, the indoor pools are equally stylish. There’s a pool installed by a Georgia homeowner who was inspired after his visit to Hugh Hefner’s famous Playboy Mansion. Another is a part of a 17,000 square foot Wisconsin estate that uses their indoor pool for physical therapy for a child with special needs.

I think my favorite is the “zero edge” pool that’s part of a boathouse style home in New York that looks over the Long Island Sound, making it seem like one, continuous body of water. It seems so nautical and serene. Go check them out HERE! Which one is your favorite?
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