Friday Feature: Luxury Pools Part II

Marina Bay Sands infinity pool

Stuck in the post-holiday doldrums? Mentally checked out of the work week? Already planning on how to spend your 2014 vacation days?

If you mentally replied "yes" to even one of those questions (kudos to those of you who answered affirmative to all three--solidarity my friends), take a quick break and check out the subject of today's luxury pools feature Friday: the infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands infinity pool

This seriously gorgeous pool is the highest infinity pool in the world at 57 storeys! You'll feel like you're taking your life in your hands when swimming towards the edge, your senses screaming at you that you're going to fall off the end and into the middle of Marina Bay. If you stay back at a more secure feeling distance, you'll enjoy insane views of Singapore's financial district, skyscrapers as far as the eye can see. As pretty as it is in the day, the nighttime view might have it beat.

SkyPark Pool at Night

The pool is a part of what's called the SkyPark--a long recreational area that sits atop three 55-story towers as part of the 5-star hotel that includes a casino. It had its grand opening in 2011 after taking about three years and $5.7 billion (with a "B!") to build. It has 2,500 rooms and 581,000 square meters of area inside this spectacularly designed hotel/casino/resort.

Marina Bay Sands at Night

The 150 square meter pool is a manifestation of the architectural genius of Moshe Safdie and is largely recognized as one of the most magnificent infinity pools in the world. Guests can either relax on one of the lounge chairs set up on the deck or on some of the padded recliners that sit in the water near the deck.

SkyPark pool at night

This pool looks like heaven to me. It's a perfect mix of a relaxing fantasy vacation dropped into the middle of an exciting metropolis. Adding this place to my bucket list as we speak.

Happy Friday, y'all! What exotic location are you dreaming of before leaving your cubicle for the weekend?
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