Friday Feature: Luxury Pools Part III

Who wants to ogle an incredible luxury pool on this fine Friday?

Well, you’re in luck! Turns out I came across this beauty on YouTube when searching for beautiful pools. This lovely thing was featured on Atlanta’s Home and Style TV channel and it really is spectacular.

This resort-style pool is owned by the very proud Pamela Baynham. It’s so luxurious that she says when she visits a nice hotel, she’s not even tempted to go down to the pool. The one she has at home is hard to beat.

She wasn’t sure what kind of pool she wanted to add to her southern estate until she met James White, owner of White’s Pools Inc., an award winning pool building firm from the Atlanta area. She saw his backyard pool, a setup he describes as having Cancun in your backyard.

White says these days you’ve got to bring the wow-factor to pools which includes offering all kinds of unique features. As they began to plan together, Ms. Baynham got more and more excited.

White says of client requests: “If they tell me what they want, we can build it.”

One of the more popular trends in modern pool building is the Pebble Tec finish and salt water mineral systems. White said that out of the 60 pools his company builds each year, every one of them has been Pebble Tec. The finish gives the water that deep blue and is less rough than a traditional plaster.

The salt water system allows for low maintenance upkeep and the chemical costs are much lower than a traditional chlorinated system, adding up to less than $200 a year.

Pamela’s pool has lots of resort-style features including a large slide, hot tub, fountains, tanning shelves, and swim-up seats. Not to mention the impressive waterfall that opens up into a cave that’s wired with a speaker system so that guests can enjoy music as they relax inside.

One of the owner’s favorite features is the waterfall because it make sunbathers feel like they’re somewhere exotic.

The waterfall was a time-intensive project; it took five men working daily over three months to construct the waterfall which is comprised of 400 tons of dirt and 60 tons of stone.

The slide is popular with the kids and the tanning shelves are a favorite of the teenage girls who are frequently poolside.

White Pools also constructed a fire pit and driveway so that the pool and entertainment area matched the rest of the landscape. The company won an award for both the pool and driveway.

James White assures that his builders can create beautiful pools within anyone’s budget, even if the result is somewhat less impressive than the Baynham family pool.

One of the benefits of having such a spectacular place to swim?

Pamela laughs and says, “You seem to have more friends when you have a pool like this.”
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