Fun Pool Accessories You Need This Season

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Summer is just around the corner, meaning your pool is about to see a lot of action.

There are many perks of a pool: the cool refreshment it brings on a hot summer day or balmy summer evening, a luxurious aesthetic appearance and making you popular amongst your neighbors who don’t have a pool to enjoy.

Many people with pools enjoy summer because they can show off their pools to neighbors and friends who come and visit.

If you’re the designated pool party host for your neighborhood, why not up your game for this year’s summer pool parties? Pool parties are fun times in and of themselves. They bring friends, neighbors and family together.

What if you want to make this summer’s pool parties ones for your guests to remember and keep asking when the next one is?

You’re in luck. Here are some pool accessories that will add further entertainment and excitement to your summer pool parties:

    1. Pool Floats

pool float

At Sunplay Pools, we like the Cool Pod Sunshade float. This pool float lets the user to comfortably sit and enjoy the refreshing pool water while also staying mostly dry and shaded with the float’s sunshade canopy.

    1. Pool Fountains

fountain accessories

Floating pool fountains are inexpensive ways to quickly spruce up your pool’s appearance. There are different types and styles available to match your desired taste. There are floating fountains that create a festive atmosphere and fountains that add calming, beautiful elegance.

The floating Raindance fountain is an affordable, simple, yet elegant floating pool fountain that adds flair to your pool while its compact size won’t overly dominate the pool or take away much swimming area.

    1. Lights

pool light accessory

If you have an inground pool, you’ll likely have the soft white lights for night swimming. You need light to see while swimming at night, but who says they must be your only light?

Add a unique touch to the look of your pool with a fun floating pool light such as our Game Floating Light Up Flowers.  You can add colorful lights to your pool with a lit-up floating pool fountain or floating pool lights. You and your guests will be surprised at the transformation some additional lighting can do to your pool.

    1. Toys

light up beach ball pool accessory

A pool party isn’t a pool party without pool toys and games, especially if there are kids attending. Pool toys are great ways to occupy kids and give adults time to mingle.

Pool toys, however, aren’t meant for just kids. In fact, pool toys are enjoyed by kids of all ages whether they’re 4 or 94. There are a variety of pool toys available but some of our popular pool toys include:

    • Paddleball set

    • The Monofin

    • Underwater fun balls

    • Light up beach ball

    1. Slides

pool slide

Although this is a bit more of an investment than the others, a water slide can easily make your pool more enjoyable and fun. Again, there are many sizes, shapes, colors and price points available.

Additional Pool Party Enhancing Accessories

You can’t have a party without music. There are a variety of waterproof and water resistant Mp3 players and speakers now available. Just make sure to not take them near the pool as they can still get damaged.

There are also accessories like floating tables and shade pool buoys that allow guests to enjoy their drinks and snacks in the pool.

These are just some of the fun pool accessories we have at Sunplay. Our wide range of pool accessories means you’ll be sure to find those specific items that will make your pool parties unforgettable and which are in your budget.

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