Getting the Most From Your Water Test Kits

Pool Testing KitTest kits are a handy companion when it comes to maintaining clean and healthy water for your swimming enjoyment. Sunplay offers three styles of water testing kits; reagent, test strip, and test tabs. Knowing which one to use depends on the amount of time, energy, and money the pool owner would like to invest in his/her swimming pool.

Most water test kits come with a comparator which is a color chart that the water tester can compare color results to that determine whether chemicals need to be adjusted at that time. The cost of a water testing kit depends on the extent of chemicals the pool owner wants to check, as well as how much effort the pool owner wants to put into testing the chemicals.The basic chemicals that can be checked with a water testing kit are  chlorine/bromine, alkalinity, and pH. Some kits also offer tests for calcium hardness and cyanuric acid.

For the swimming pool owner who doesn't have the time to worry about exact color results, many test kits offer a digital reader which does the work for them. Simply fill a vial with water, add your reagent, and the digital reader will tell you what needs to be adjusted at that time, if anything.  Digital readers can add to the cost of a test kit , but  could be saving more for the pool owner in the long run since unbalanced water could ultimately damage parts of the swimming pool system causing a need for replacing parts. While checking color tests manually to a comparator works just fine, human error is always a possibility when reading results. Some test result colors look very similar and may cause a bit of confusion for the person testing the water.  Digital readers take the work and wonder out of your chemical results.

Before purchasing one of the many chemical test kits that Sunplay has to offer, decide how much time can be invested in testing your chemicals. Sunplay recommends testing your chemicals at least twice a week. Do you have the patience for adding exact drops of reagents to the water vials? Is pushing a test tab through foil and into a water filled vial an easier option?  Or do you prefer simply dipping a test strip in the water and waiting for the results to appear?

Another thing to consider is which chemicals you are concerned about enough to check, and whether you have the confidence and patience to compare colors yourself to the comparator.  Would you prefer and trust a digital reader doing it for you?

Once you have decided on these factors, then the cost of purchasing a chemical test kit should be an easy choice. Sunplay offers the best prices around. Each test kit offers individual test replacements for certain reagents, test strip, or tabs needed which helps save cost as well. For example, if you need to test your pH level and have run out of reagent, simply reorder a reagent for pH as opposed to a whole new kit.

Having clean and safe water to swim in and enjoy is the ultimate goal, as well as having a healthy and safe swimming pool system.
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