WATCH: 5 Guys Catching Waves on a Giant Stand Up Paddleboard

I’ve heard of big surf, but this is kind of ridiculous.

Check out this short, five minute video depicting five Australian surfers enjoying the waves on a giant stand up paddleboard made by Fanatic. Luke Egan, Trevor Hendy, Jake Jensen, Paul Jackson, and Steve Walker spent a day on the water in Australia in a very tricky and coordinated effort to catch some waves.

This particular board is inflatable (out of necessity for transportation reasons). What makes this board tricky is that there’s no fin, making it very difficult to steer. The crew of five guys from Gold Coast SUP decided to try their hand at commandeering this SUP beast that you could ultimately fit up to 12 paddlers on. From past accounts, this thing is tough to surf on but worth the effort for the amount of fun you can get out of it.

Before you head out to try this one on your own, know how good these five guys are. Jake Jensen and Paul Jackson are both Aussies who ride for Fanatic, the manufacturer of the board. Luke Egan is a SUP convert who was a former ASP world #2, Luke Egan has had a storied career as a competitive surfer, and Steve “Wild Man” Walker is a Gold Coast legend.

Watch them do their best to not fall off—and fail over and over.

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