A Guide to Features & Benefits of QCA Spas

QCA Spas

QCA Spas have been in business since 1966, and in that time they've developed a fabulous range of quality spas, as well as dedicating themselves to providing quality products and great customer service. So what makes QCA Spas so special?

How You can Benefit from Owning a QCA Spa

Wellness: Spa time is a great way to soothe away stress and anxiety. There are many other potential health and wellness benefits to regular spa sessions; in particular, people with conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis, poor circulation, muscle pain, back pain, tension headaches, and menstrual cramps can all benefit from a relaxing soak when symptoms flare up.

Social: Family time, parties, and romantic interludes can all be enhanced with a spa. The tub itself makes a great focal point for outdoor entertaining, and adds a fresh dimension to family living by providing a new way for everyone to get together and enjoy some quality time.

Fitness: A spa session is a great way to warm up muscles and joints before exercise, and soothe a tired body afterwards. Spa time can even double as exercise time by performing water exercises. The water's buoyancy reduces impact and adds resistance that helps your muscles work harder.

QCA Spas Jets

QCA Spa Features

With five decades' worth of experience in designing and building spas, QCA have poured a wealth of knowledge into creating the models they sell today. Each QCA spa line, from budget to luxury models, is built to exacting standards with high-performance materials.

Spa shell: While most spa components can be replaced, the shell cannot, and so it's vital that this piece of the system is strong and durable. QCA's spa shells fit the bill, and their ergonomic design is comfortable, too.

Cabinet: The cabinet that surrounds the shell provides support and protection, and also improve the spa's energy efficiency. QCA cabinets are made from UV-protected plastics that enclose strong galvanized steel framing, and come with a ten-year warranty.

Water sanitation: QCA spas are designed to make water filtration simple and efficient. A single easy-to-replace filter keeps the water clean and fresh, and helps reduce running costs. Low-maintenance tubs also make use of the in.clear system, which releases purifying bromine salts to improve sanitation and reduce the need for water testing. Another option, the Del Ozone Natural Spa Sanitizing System, uses ozone technology to directly kill bacteria in a naturally environmentally-friendly manner.

Insulation: With several layers of reflective insulation, QCA spas can handle the harshest winter climates with ease, ensuring that water temperature stays constant whatever the weather. The well-designed heating system improves efficiency by recycling motor-generated heat, and tough marine-grade vinyl covers are fitted with an insulating polystyrene core to further improve energy efficiency.

Stainless hydrotherapy steel jets: Few things are as relaxing as a spa session, and QCA Spas deliver here too. Each spa model features jets designed specifically for QCA, and are positioned to provide an optimally relaxing hydrotherapy massage.

QCA Spas

Optional extras: Enhance your spa experience with underwater LED lights and cabinet lighting, or a sound system. Perfect for relaxing spa sessions, and an ideal way to complement outdoor social events.

Design Your Own Spa with QCA

One of QCA's most interesting innovations is their “build your own spa” feature, which allows you to create your own one-of-a-kind hot tub with all the extras you want. Using this feature enables you to choose a spa shell, and then select from a range of options to customize it, such as jet style, lighting options, filtration, and more. Add a sound system, aromatherapy system, or waterfall to create a truly incredible spa experience.

Whether you opt for a small and simple two-person hot tub, or a six-person lounger spa with a range of add-ons, when you choose a QCA spa you're choosing a quality product.
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